5 Tips for Keeping your White Sneakers Clean


White Sneakers are really popular right now. The latest fashion trend to hit the street does make you look suave. But they are not alone; accompanying them is the headache that is keeping these white shoes looking white. So for my friends who wish to sport this look but without the added hassles, I bring to you top 5 hacks to keep your white Sneakers white.


person carrying white Reebok low-top sneakers

Start simple. The first step is Shampoo. I am sure a little research on your part and you will have a whole list ready in no time, even of shampoos which specialize only in removing stains from a white shoe. There are many shoe cleaners available right now that come with dedicated shoe soap and brushes to make sure the shoes remain in great condition.


The next step is taking care of the laces. Now this tip is for the lazy. Now I know it is tedious to wash your shoes every time it gets even a little dirty. Just soak the laces in water first then use the shoe brush to wipe them clean moving in one direction.


This tip is for the really clumsy who almost always seem to spill something or the ones who are favored by the Murphy’s Law and only spill when they are wearing white. Keep a stain remover They are easily available at any of the medical stores or pharmacies and are neither expensive nor heavy that you cannot carry them around.


person wearing pair of cream white Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 shoes


If your stains are not too severe and the washing machine does not do the job, you can even dab a few coats of white nail polish to mask them.

person wearing white Nike running shoes standing on black concrete path

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