Top 16 Sneakers released in 2018-2019

Here are our top 16 Sneakers that have been released in the past few ears but have remained the best looking shoes our right now that anyone should have in their collection.

1. Nike x Off-white Prestos OG

Everyone knows the OG prestos, one of the most popular pairs released from The 10

2. Nike x Off-white Air Max 97

The Air max 97 from The 10 as well are one of the most cleanest pairs dropped. Switching out the laces can make them pop out even more.

3. Converse x Off-white Vulcan

The Converse Vulcan is extremely unique with the see-through panels.

4. Nike x Off-white Zoom Fly White

Great looking shoe and the text on the Sole makes it look even better

5. Nike x Off-white Jordan 1 White

The Jordan 1s are incredibly clean in the all white destructured look.

6. Nike Element React Sail

The React elements broke out and were a huge hit right away. The see through panels are very popular.

7. Nike x Off-white Blazer White

Blazers extremely nice and the huge check with the side writing gives it a great look.

8. Adidas NMD Pharrell Williams Orange

Human Races were very popular when adidas was better than Nike but these still remain one of the coolest looking shoes.

9. Nike x Off-white Blazer Hollow’s Eve

The Halloween themed blazers were a huge hit as well with such vibrant orange these stand out very nicely.

10. Nike Sacai Green

The new Sacai’s dropped this last weekend and are a huge hit. They look great overall and the double laces look matches the shoe very well.

11. Nike Air Jordan 1 Reverse Shattered Backboard

Reverse Shattered backboards are extremely bright but look great on feet.

12. Nike Element React Black/Pink/Cyan

Another element react with vibrant colors perfect for any season.

13. Nike Air Jordan 1 Spider-Man Origin Story

Releasing with the spider-man movie: Into the spider-verse this shoe did very well and is extremely popular.

14. Nike Air Jordan 1 Black Toe

Jordan 1 black toes look great with the Chicago color and the black front makes it look great.

15. Adidas Futurecraft 4d Footpatrol

4D boost has been releasing alot recently and footpatrol’s colorway remains to be one of the best. Olive on light green looks insane.

16. Nike Element React Undercover Green Mist

Finally, another element react. undercover came out with great colorways but again Olive has a great look to it that can look great in any season.

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