Top 12 Nike Sneakers

Since their inception in 1972, Nike has been producing — for lack of a better term — game-changing footwear in every category, even inventing some of their own along the way. Like every company they’ve had their ups and downs, it’s just that their ups have been, shall we say, Jordanesque. So with no further ado, we present The 15 Best Nikes of All Time. Go in.

12. Nike x Tom Sachs Mars Yard Overshoe

What a unique shoe! This shoe released earlier this year for $650 and is very highly hyped. This shoe is designed by Tom Sachs and he has done a great job creating a unique sneaker.

11. Nike Air Max 97 Neon Seoul

One of the many Air maxes that released on Air Max day earlier this year, and probably the second best colorway released released that day.

10. Nike Blazer 77 Slam Jam

Following all the Off-White blazers colorways, these are the second best Blazers that Nike has released recently with a unique upside down check.

9. Nike x Sacai Waffle

One of the best shoes released in 2019 are these Nike Sacai Waffles in this bright colorway. The shoe features double check marks, two tongues, 2 laces, and a very unique sole on the back of the shoe.

8. Nike x Off-White Blazer Hollows Eve

One of the most popular off-White sneakers out right now. The bright orange with the cyan tag makes this shoe stand out instantly. Great addition to anyones rotation.

7. Nike x Off-White Air Max 97s Serena Williams

One of the rarest Off-White shoes out at the moment. These shoes never had an official release like its counter part the Serena Williams Blazers. Similar to the blazer, this air max 97 features the Purple, pink, and gold accents accross the sole with a bright green tag.

6. Nike x Off-White Prestos White

Another one of the famous Nike Off-white sneakers, the white prestos. Very comfortable and good looking shoe with the red tag. Perfect shoe to add to your rotation.

5. Nike x Off-White Air Max 90 Desert Ore

One of the best Off-White colorways in all the Off-White sneakers. The tan colorway is great and goes with anything. Again with the cyan blue tag, the shoe is perfect to add to your collection.

4. Jordan 1 Retro High Think 16 (Pass the Torch)

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The Pass the Torch Air Jordan 1s are the exact opposite of Kawhi’s game: fIashy and loud. Part of Nike’s Art of a Champion series, these are inspired by Kawhi Leonard’s performance in the 2014 NBA Finals. The shoes feature a San Antonio Spurs-themed chrome, black, and white upper with Kawhi’s hand logo on the left shoe’s tongue tag, the right shoe’s insoles, and underneath the icy blue translucent outsole.

3. Travis Scott Jordan 1 Low

While this shoe has yet to release, it is going to be an instant hit just like its Jordan 1. Every Travis Scott sneaker released has been very popular and this shoe will not be any different. This shoe features a backwards check which is very unique.

2. Nike x Sean Wotherspoon Air Max 97

This shoe is very famous for its unique look, colors, and the material used. It has a cool textured look with smaller nike checks on different areas of the shoe. This is one of the most popular Nike Sneakers out at the moment!

1. Nike x OFF-White Air Jordan 1 Chicago

There is not much we can say about this shoe that has not bee said already. The most popular Nike shoe and the most sought after OFF-White released from the Ten last year. Reselling for around $3000, The Chicago Jordan 1 Colorway is our number 1 Nike Sneaker and Jordan out right now!


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